Kirkland Hair Studio is the premier provider of custom hair replacement & human hair wigs (cranial prosthesis) for people experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy, alopecia, trichotillomania, male or female pattern baldness, and other medically related hair loss conditions. At Kirkland Hair Studio we believe in restoring more than just your hair, we are passionate & dedicated to restoring your self-confidence, beauty and self-esteem! At Kirkland Hair Studio, Jackson, MS we offer the most practical & natural Hair Restoration Solutions available in the Industry, Virtual Reality® Hair Restoration solutions for Men & Virtuesse ™ Hair Restoration solutions for Women.

Kirkland Hair Studio started in 1969 in downtown Jackson, Mississippi, family owned and operated ever since. It was the very first hair replacement studio in the Jackson area, clients come from as far away as Dallas, Memphis and Baton Rouge to see us because of our dedication to providing the best service & products for each & every client. We are very intentional about providing our guests with a comfortable & friendly family type atmosphere, because to us our guests are a part of our “family”.

The philosophy of Kirkland Hair Studio is to provide clients suffering from hair loss or thinning hair with fashionable & practical solutions to their problem. Our goal is that every client can reach their full image potential & feel great about the decision they have made in regards to their image. We understand that just as hair loss has many different causes, there are also many different solutions. So we provide everyone with a free & private consultation to determine the extent and pattern of their loss. Once that is determined the next step is to provide the options & begin the simple steps of hair restoration. With the Virtual Reality and Virtuesse Dermal Lens systems, clients can shower, swim, sleep and travel in their new hair. In reality Hair loss worries are gone in your first visit with the wonder of the Virtual Reality® & Virtuesse Exclusive Derma Lens™ technology. Call us for your free & confidential consultation (601) 354-3482.

A Heart for Hair Restoration

Master Stylist, Hair Restoration specialist and Virtual Reality & Virtuesse studio owner Lisa McFadden & her team of professionals at Kirkland Hair Studio are at the forefront of fashionable solutions for hair loss. Specializing in hair restoration, high quality human hair wigs & Kirkland’s Signature Salon Services, always dedicated to providing only the leading – edge hair enhancement solutions. A master in hair restoration & human hair wigs, Lisa Mc Fadden keeps up with the latest technology & hair trends, bringing always the very best to each & every client. Their latest endeavor has been to become part of the 80+ Virtual Reality Studios certified to deliver the Derma Lens application. Technology that has changed thousands of lives Worldwide, men & women looking for more than a cover up solution to their hair loss problem. Only 1% of all salons are qualified to be Certified Virtual Reality & Virtuesse concept studios, and Kirkland Hair Studio is in their top tier.

Hair Loss has more solutions than causes

Book Your Free Private Hair Loss Evaluation Consultation Today

We invite you to meet privately with one of our talented caring professionals at our state-of-the-art hair restoration center in Jackson, MS Call 601-354-3482 for your free & private consultation.

Each hair restoration option is unique & tailored for a perfect match, lifestyle and expectations. Whether you have experienced hair loss for a year or 20 years, we can help with our full spectrum of professional options. Don’t delay you are closer to the solution than you think!

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