One’s hair is the one thing that frames the face, suggests youthfulness, health & vitality. That’s why the prospect of losing your hair whether to chemotherapy or a chronic illness can become a devastating reality. Deciding on how to deal with your hair loss is a highly emotional, important and personal decision. At Kirkland Hair Studio our talented, compassionate & loving professionals will walk you through the process of fitting, color blending, and personalizing the perfect wig for you. Because every women is unique we offer a variety of choices in textures, custom blending of colors, cap design and style. Our goal at Kirkland Hair Sudio is to provide a place where women can come laugh, cry and share their personal journey. Our clients tell us that its not just the wigs we provide that make us unique but also the experience and support we provide.

When it comes to Wigs that are fashionable & affordable quite simply The Raquel Welch Wig Collection has some of the finest wigs in the world. Each Collection offers great benefits such as Sheer Indulgence™ each Wig features hand-knotted monofilament design, seamless details, and exquisite craftsmanship. So you can expect incredible color, quality, texture, and flexibility. The look is sheer luxe. Another great feature in the Raquel Collection is the Tru2Life® heat-friendly fiber, it gives our ladies the oportunity to create any style they want. With this phenomenal fiber that feels and reacts like human hair our clients are able to flat iron, curl, or blow dry their hair as if it was their own. “Change your mind. Change your mood. Change your style!”

What fun to be alive when the new age in wig making is keeping up with our ipods and blackberries. It’s a whole new world for today’s woman and her hair. Join the fun and step into “the look” that you’ve always wanted…with one of my wigs. People will never know you are wearing one!

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