Serious Skin Care. Serious Results

At Kirkland Hair Studio our commitment is simple, a lifetime of beautiful and healthy skin regardless of your skin type or age. We invite you to book a free consultation (601) 354-3482. You will receive a skin analysis & be able to browse our selection of clinically proven skin care systems. Designed for healthy and younger looking skin, using an effective skin care product & highly effective chemical peels. At Kirklands Hair Studio our objective is to develop a personal relationship with our clients & provide the best possible customer service one can expect.

The Science of Beauty Naturally

At Kirkland Hair Studio, we offer the finest quality products such as Rx Clinical Cosmeuceutical. Our recommendations and advice are based on years of experience, passion & commitment to our clients, the best of what science and nature can provide. Rx Clinical Cosmeuceutical offers a solution for all skin types including hyperpigmentation, oily, acne, dry, rosacea, broken capillaries, age spots and or wrinkles. Rx Clinical Cosmeceuticals are never tested on animals.

Rx Clinical Cosmeceuticals include:

Cleansers, Toners, Moisturizers, Exfoliants, Masques, Serums/Treatments, Eye Treatment, Acne Treatment, Body Treatment, Makeup Removers, & Sunblocks.

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